Tasting and collecting honeys from all over the world!

In 2018, I started Brine’s Fine Honeys to introduce quality varietal honeys to a larger audience. I hope you will share your stories with me, just as I am pleased to share my story and these delightful honeys with you.

I hated honey…

Let this be known: As a child and well into my adult years, I HATED honey. No peanut butter and honey sandwiches, no honey on toast, no honey in tea, no honey… period! I have a huge sweet tooth, but I totally avoided honey. Although I despised honey, honey bees fascinated me, and for many years I knew that someday I would own a hive or two.

Fast forward to the summer of 2006. My oldest daughter and I were trying to “pet” the many bumble bees visiting the purple coneflowers in our yard. When asked if she would be interested in keeping honey bees, she was game, and the die was cast. She and her brother didn’t even complain when we hauled our first beehives home in the back of the family minivan. (“Middle daughter” was skeptical and remained safely at home.) The bees weren’t secured in their hives all that well. As we drove along, I had visions of abandoning the van alongside the road, the whole outer surface of the vehicle covered in bees. I told the kids they’d have a great story to tell their friends at school the next day. No complaints, despite the kids trying to reduce the surface area of their bee-suited bodies as much as possible during the half hour ride home. At that moment, I knew they had great potential as beekeepers!

Well, when you keep honey bees, if you do most things correctly, you inevitably end up with honey… and by the next year, we had a handsome, first harvest from our two hives. For quite a few years I gave the honey away as Christmas and hostess gifts, cooked and baked with it a bit, made homemade lip balm, and tried a little taste every now and then. I was not going to be drawn into honey quickly!

In 2011, I became the International Sales Coordinator for the largest beekeeping supply company in the world. Although I had been a stay-at-home mom for a number of years, I held a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University, a Master’s Degree in International Management, and had worked in international business. I was a hobby beekeeper. It was a perfect match!

Over the years and through my global travels, I have come to greatly appreciate honey, its varied colors, flavors and aromas, and the many hardworking beekeepers whose life’s work is caring for bees and producing quality honeys. The days of considering honey an ultra-blended, “one taste fits all”, overheated and over filtered commodity packaged in a plastic container on a supermarket shelf are long gone. Good riddance! I now enjoy tasting and collecting honeys from all over the world produced by beekeepers whom I have come to know and trust.

Happy Creating!
Katie Brine,
President and Founder

Brine’s Fine Honeys

There are more than 300 varietal honeys in the United States — and more than 3,000 distinctive varietals of honey in the world. Each of them offers a unique flavor profile all its own. A flavor profile that tells the tale of its origin: The region where it was produced. The flowers that provided the nectar. The beekeeper’s passion. The bees that made it.

Brine’s Fine Honeys partners with beekeepers from around the world to procure 100% pure, true varietal honey, each sourced from a single primary variety of flower. When put into the hands of the makers—distillers, brewers, mazers, mixologists, gastronomists, bakers and chefs—varietals elevate beverages and cuisine beyond the ordinary with their distinct tastes, colors, aromas and stories.

We promise pure honey from the source —not honey supplemented with syrups, heated to high temperatures, blended with other honeys for a homogenous (i.e. boring!) taste, or finely filtered to remove the natural pollens and goodness. Our honeys are painstakingly selected to ensure the highest quality so you can be confident in what you are purchasing.

100% Pure Honey from the Finest Beekeepers in the Industry.

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