Orange blossom Honey

Meet the Beekeeper

Our Orange Blossom Honey beekeeper, along with his extended family, splits his time between his native North Dakota and the orange groves of south-central Florida. He learned beekeeping from his father, and now works about 2,000 hives with his adult son. On occasion, they are even joined by his young grandson, decked out in full beekeeping gear. Like many forms of agriculture, beekeeping is often a family business.

I love accompanying beekeepers to their bee yards.  Beekeepers will tell you about their beekeeping story, family, business, and fascinating tidbits about the crop being pollinated. This beekeeper is no exception. He was very gracious in letting my father and I assist in part of their day’s work before bringing us to his processing facility.

Like all of the beekeepers with whom Brine’s Fine Honeys works, great care is taken by the beekeeper to maintain healthy honey bees and preserve the flavor and quality of the honey produced. Good honeys have a low moisture content (around 16-17%). Since honey is hygroscopic (meaning it has the ability to absorb and retain moisture from the air) and since Florida is quite humid, this  beekeeper makes sure that his filled honey supers are kept in a dry environment, aided by dehumidifiers, as soon as they are removed from the hives, as well as during the extraction process when the honey is separated from the honey comb. No extra heat is applied to the Orange Blossom Honey by the beekeeper, and the honey comes to us totally unfiltered. All this care results in an exceptional honey.

We are thrilled to bring you this delicious, high-quality Orange Blossom Honey, straight from the heart of the Sunshine State. It’s one of our personal favorite varietals, and we are confident you’ll enjoy it too!

100% Pure Honey from the Finest Beekeepers in the Industry.