Welcome to the diverse lives of beekeepers.

Beekeepers have stories as diverse as the honeys their bees create. Beekeeping has been in the family for generations; others are relatively new to the industry. Some use helicopters to reach their bees on high alpine meadows, while others walk out their backdoor or drive just a few miles up the road. Floating platforms are home to some bees, while “bee houses” holding dozens of exquisitely painted hives, each one unique, are home to others. Some beekeepers live and work in one specific location, while others are migratory beekeepers traveling cross-country to pollinate different crops and plants with distinct bloom times. Welcome to the diverse lives of beekeepers, all of whom are passionate about their bees and the honeys they produce!
Central Minnesota Honey

This Minnesota beekeeper takes the time to provide thoughtful care for his honey bees. Find out more

Central Minnesota Honey

Located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, beekeeping skipped a generation in this family with over 500 bee colonies. Find out more

Cranberry Honey
This Florida based migratory beekeeping company is owned by two brothers. These young beekeepers (both are in their late 20’s – early 30’s) manage approximately 1500 hives between the two of them. Find out more
Central Minnesota Honey

This second generation beekeeper keeps about 600 hives in multiple, small bee yards of 25 hives within 15 miles of his home and business. Find out more

Central Minnesota Honey

From healthy honey bees to an extracting room informed by his south-Florida surroundings, this beekeeper doesn’t overlook anything. Find out more

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