Not all Honey is Created Equal

Brine’s Fine Honeys promises 100% pure, natural honey, not honey supplemented with syrups or other ingredients, heated to high temperatures, or finely filtered to remove the natural pollens and goodness. Unlike many honeys commonly available, we never blend different honeys to achieve a homogeneous (i.e. boring!) flavor or color. We rejoice in diversity! The honeys you’ll find at Brine’s Fine Honeys are handpicked for our artisan customers to achieve flavors and tell stories you can’t get with any other ingredient.

A flavor profile tells the tale of its origin.

There are more than 300 varietal honeys in the United States — and more than 3,000 distinctive varietals of honey in the world. Each of them offers a unique flavor profile all its own. A flavor profile that tells the tale of its origin: The region where it was produced. The flowers that provided the nectar. The beekeeper’s passion. The bees that made it.

Brine’s Fine Honeys partners with beekeepers from around the world to procure 100% pure, true varietal honey, each sourced from a single primary variety of flower. When put into the hands of the makers—distillers, brewers, mazers, mixologists, gastronomists, bakers and chefs—varietals elevate beverages and cuisine beyond the ordinary with their distinct tastes, colors, aromas and stories.

Not familiar with what makes varietal honeys so special? Tasting several varietal honeys side-by-side will start those creative juices flowing and make you a believer. Order a honey sampler box today and prepare to be wowed!
Brines Honey

Brine’s Fine Honeys are available in the following sizes:

1.8 oz | 51 g
12 oz | 340 g
1 lb 12 oz | 793 g
12 lb | 5.44 kg
60 lb | 27.21 kg
660 lb | 299.37 kg

100% Pure Honey from the Finest Beekeepers in the Industry.


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