Find a retailer near you who carries your favorite Brine’s Fine Honeys honey varietals. Varietals carried and sizes available may vary by retailer. Please contact the retailer for further information.

Retailers of Brine’s Fine Honeys:


West Des Moines:  give.


Baxter:  Christmas Point Wild Rice Company

Brainerd:  Jr’s No. 19 BBQ

Brainerd:  Ya-Sure Kombucha

Crosby:  Victual

Crosslake:  Black Pine Beach Resort

Crosslake:  Boyd Lodge

Crosslake:  Lake Country Crafts & Cones

Little Falls:  Shoppes of Little Falls

Mendota Heights:  The Olive Grove

St. Cloud:  Backwards Bread Company

St. Cloud:  The Grande Depot

Walker:  Christmas Point Wild Rice Company

Don’t see a retailer near you? Please ask your favorite retailer to carry Brine’s Fine Honeys!

Creators and purveyors of food and beverages using Brine’s Fine Honeys:


Wamego:  Zydeco Meadery


Roberts:  The Board Loon

100% Pure Honey from the Finest Beekeepers in the Industry.

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