Carrot Honey and Coriander Honey

Meet the Beekeeper
Located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, beekeeping skipped a generation in this family with over 500 bee colonies. Nevertheless a passion for bees and quality honey still runs deep in the great nephew of the company’s founders. Family members help out in many ways including construction of wooden bee hives, honey extraction and honey sales in their on-site store.

Bordered by mountains, Willamette Valley’s numerous waterways are vital to its scenic beauty and agricultural richness. The cool, moist climate is perfect for commercial production of many crops, including tree fruits and nuts, wine grapes, berries, vegetables, herbs, hops, legumes, and other field crops. Our beekeeping partner’s bees pollinate carrot, coriander and other crops in the Oregon High Desert. Fields pollinated by honey bees produce bigger, better yields. In addition to earning pollination fees, the beekeeper produces some unique and flavorful honeys as a result of their pollination contracts.

Central Oregon supplies approximately 65% of the US and 45% of the world market for carrot seed. Don’t let the name fool you — carrot honey does not taste like carrots! Notes of caramel and allspice punctuate this bolder honey.

Coriander has been grown for seed production in central Oregon only since 1984. The foliage is the known as the fresh herb cilantro, while the seed is known as the spice coriander. Honey bees love coriander blossoms! Coconut and anise are the flavors that stand out in coriander honey.

100% Pure Honey from the Finest Beekeepers in the Industry.