buckwheat Honey

Meet the Beekeeper

This first-generation beekeeper was introduced to the craft by his brother-in-law.  Now, over a decade later, he oversees a quality beekeeping operation in southern Minnesota.  This is definitely a family venture: a visit to the farm may bring you into contact with three generations of beekeepers.

With care of the thousand hives shared between the two brothers-in-law, they can take the time to do things thoughtfully.  From placing their hives in areas where they are less likely to come into contact with agricultural chemicals, to using more natural treatments to combat the many threats to honey bees; from abstaining from filtering the honey, to gently warming the honey to the internal temperature of the beehive when bottling: the care they take is reflected in the quality of their honey. 

To produce our Buckwheat Honey, this beekeeper brings his hives to pollinate 70-100 acres of organic buckwheat.  Because the honey bees can visit other plants along with the buckwheat and because the United States has no procedure in place for certifying honey organic, the honey produced cannot be labeled organic.  However, because of the careful practices of the beekeeper and the organic buckwheat fields visited by the bees, the resulting Buckwheat Honey is of a quality we are proud to share with you.


100% Pure Honey from the Finest Beekeepers in the Industry.