We are pleased you are interested in becoming one of Brine’s Fine Honeys beekeeping partners. We are very particular about finding the right beekeepers who produce the quality varietal honeys we sell, and we don’t apologize for this.
We choose our beekeeping partners by assessing the following information:
  1. The opportunity as presented by your business (number of hives, regional location of apiaries, varietal honeys produced, bulk packaging options, and whether any honey sold by you is purchased from other beekeepers).
  2. Information about your beekeeping business (company details, history or reputation).
  3. Assessment of your beekeeping practices (location of apiaries, beekeeping health practices, supplemental feeding practices, extraction practices including use of heat and filtering, packaging and storage practices).
We are not interested in developing business relationships with the following categories of beekeepers:
  1. Beekeepers who use products on their bees that are not approved for use on honey bees including off-label uses of products meant for other species or uses.
  2. Beekeepers who use medications or products in the hive at non-prescribed times.
  3. Beekeepers who purchase honey from other beekeepers whose business and practices have not been assessed by Brine’s Fine Honeys.
  4. Beekeepers who blend or mix their honeys with honeys from other countries or other beekeepers or who mix different varietal honeys before, during or after extraction.
  5. Beekeepers who feed their bees while honey supers are on the hives or add any ingredients to their honey.
  6. Beekeepers who heat their honey above normal hive temperatures, including pasteurization, for extraction or packaging purposes.
  7. Beekeepers who finely filter their honey beyond course filtering of bee parts, wax chunks or debris.

Partnership Application

Please provide truthful and accurate information in all requested fields:

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