We are pleased you are interested in re-selling Brine’s Fine Honeys to your retail customers. We are very particular about finding the right retailers to carry our products, and we don’t apologize for this.
We choose our retail selling partners by assessing the following information:
  1. The opportunity as presented by your business (i.e. the store or concept, its location, and which products interest you).
  2. Information about your company (company details, history or reputation).
  3. Assessment of the quality of your business via website, social media, product literature, packaging, etc.
  4. Whether your request fits with Brine’s Fine Honeys strategy and direction.
  5. Whether your business can meet our standard terms and conditions.
We are not interested in developing business relationships with the following categories of retail selling partners:
  1. Individuals not incorporated as a company.
  2. Companies interested in buying job lots of product, selling online via marketplaces such as eBay, or at farmers markets.
  3. Companies interested in selling products under their own private label brands.
  4. Companies who have not successfully launched food products before or who are not genuine food retailers.

Become A Retailer

Please provide truthful and accurate information in all requested fields:

Contact details:

Company information:

Product information:

Products you are interested in purchasing for resale:

Company background and sales/marketing information:

Additional information may be requested to help us achieve a good understanding of your business.

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