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Brine’s Fine Honeys

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Welcome to Brine’s Fine Honeys. This is not your average honey. This is honey from across the country and around the world. Brine’s Fine Honeys are from the nectars of regionally specific flowers and plants, which gives each of them their own distinct color, aroma and taste. We provide the sweet muse for food and beverage artisans who seek to elevate their craft to new levels. We anticipate you will find myriad ways to incorporate this wonderful and varied delicacy into your creations and make these honeys part of your story. We hope you will share your stories with us, just as we are pleased to offer these delightful honeys to you.

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100% Pure Honey from the Finest Beekeepers in the Industry.

Brine’s Fine Honeys partners with beekeepers from around the world to procure 100% pure, true varietal honeys, each sourced from a single primary variety of flower.
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